mardi 3 avril 2012

Mommy and Me Pilates

Since having my baby girl, exercising has been sporadic at best. I've tried to incorporate a lot of walking with her, and I occasionally have done my prenatal yoga DVD that is a real killer. Going back to Bikram Yoga wasn't an option because of timing with the babysitter, my husband's work schedule, and of course I worked. I had to do something within my given timeframe, and so walking with her seemed the best option.

Now I find myself a stay at home mommy and the world of mommy and me classes has been opened to me. I have to say, I absolutely love it! I've always been a yoga fanatic, but I've done two Mommy and Me Pilates classes, and I think I'm a convert! The two classes I've done have kicked my butt and I really feel like my postpartum body is being addressed. Plus I get to keep my little baby girl right next to me in class. Seeing all the mommies and babies makes me smile. Actually, not really smile, because I think I have more of a twisted strain of pain, doubt, and disbelief during the class. Seriously, I don't understand how I get through it at all. I have the shakes through most of the class. Everything we do is strength based.

I am not strong. 

But I want to keep going because I want to be that girl in the class that can do everything. Right now I'm the one silently crying inside. Maybe we are all silently crying inside, I'm not sure.

My goals for this class are the following:

I want a Pilates body.

I want banging abs.

I want banging thighs.

I want a banging tush.

I want banging arms.

I want all of this by May.

So my challenge to you is if you've always wondered about Pilates, and you're like me, go. Go with haste! Pilates is a great workout. Give it a try. I know you won't be disappointed.

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